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aaPhoto - corrects photos with only 1 click !
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Andras Horvath
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1 May 2007

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Auto Adjust Photo is an ideal tool with the properties of color correction and adjusting the size of photos.
As its name suggests this powerful photo management tool helps you not only in resizing the photos but will also automatically correct the color deficiency in them. The tool is supported with advanced capabilities that will set and correct a photo image automatically with a single click. The tool will treat your photos for setting its contrast levels, color balance and gamma levels by analyzing to make your photos clearer. All you have to do is select the image files and then right-click them, that will automate color correction command from the local menu. The tool can easily manage images in all the common formats that includes; mif, pnm / pgm / ppm, bmp, ras, jp2, jpc, jpg, pgx and much more. This simple tool will solve your needs of photo corrections as well as save your time and money.
Automatically adjust your photos to give them the perfect quality with, Auto Adjust Photo.

Publisher's description

aaPhoto is a small command-line image manipulation tool that allows the user to easily correct family photos. It makes the picture look better. The program does this by analyzing the input image and then sets the most optimal contrast / gamma and color balance for it. It can be easily run on Windows platforms by right-clicking on the photo image and choosing "Auto Adjust PHOTO" from the explorer's context menu.
Auto Adjust Photo
Auto Adjust Photo
Version 0.24
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